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Ub3r's claire is dying... if any remnants are to remain itll be prolly textbased. i cant handle the workload at school on top of all the other shit i have to deal with AND webcomic anymore. specially if nobody cares. so ub3r will die shortly. sorry to disappoint... but its all i seem to do lately.

*the alliek
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oh no


May 26 2004, 18:52:05 UTC 13 years ago

allie what happened? it seems you have drifted away from everyone... come back to us? Please? we miss you!
-Your Becks from a long time ago in a time when there was peace in the land and the sisters divine reigned the world.
sorry becks. its over. im stuck down in philly with no money and loads of shit to do. its all done, i dont have time for anything truly relaxing anymore. so maybe ill see u this summer... maybe not. all depends on my cashflow, or a lack thereof.

yo ally cat babe sorry sounds like your doing alot of shit down in the city of brotherly love, just remember the times of GREATNESS when we ruled the school and know you got all the support in the world up north
Allie we love you... hey if your boyfriend loved you so much then Mr. Rich boy would send you up here. hmmm well isn't that a thought......
u kno what? that was kinda inappropriate. thanks.