Recent Activity [April 2nd 2004|23:20pm]

Well. Chainmaille is going ahead full steam... except several nuisances like lack of wire (solved, thank goodness), the hardness of the new wire (coping... sort of), and the pair of awesome cutters struck down by this work-hardened menace. But my vest's collar piece is just about complete, and the rest is easy. Estimated Time of Completion: 1 month, barring more ring-making mishaps. Also, I've put in my order for my supplies to start scale mail. Fun, cool looking stuff. After these projects are completed, the sky is the limit. It'll be time for commisions and experimentation. I'll try some jewelry and small things for a bit before starting another shirt.

Tomorrow is paintball day. With bunches of people. Im gonna shoot my way through each of them in succession, just cause I haven't played in a while and it's time to make up for lost time.

again, e-mail with any commision work and I'll see what I can do. Thanks.

[May 2nd 2004|20:41pm]

i have a sore throat, and it makes me sound like a wicked porn star.

[April 1st 2004|15:11pm]

being the broken devoute reader of ub3rd4nk3 that i am...if find it off putting to have such an excellent adventure to be told in black and white. we all love the moving plot line and such, but i find that color gives the comic more life. two updates a week is wonderfull...but i'd take one update a week in color than two a week in black and white and then colored weeks later. i thought there was somekind of sex slave background artist...damn woman, pull the bull wip and make it happen!!!!

Stuff and Stuff and Stuff [April 1st 2004|12:29pm]

[ mood | devious ]

Wooh I have been lazy in my postage. Damn me to hell. Anyway so yeah, I really like the way the new site is working out.. tis cool. And, I did have something to say, but I cant remember anymore.... um.... OH right. On my profile my relationship status makes me sound like a bisexual swinger allie! People wont understand that comment... damn yooooou. Anyway....... YAR. Ooh, and the new Ipswich Chainmaille guild is gonna kick some ass!


[March 27th 2004|00:58am]

allie, i really, really, really want to go to uarts.
its just so exciting to kno what i want to do, and to kno that i can do that, and i can enjoy it. i kno so many kids who dont kno what they want, or are thinking about a major that really doesnt excite them.
art just makes me so happy. :-D i really cant wait.
just thought id letcha kno! ^________^ luvs eri
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[March 24th 2004|18:51pm]

just a question on the comic...will we ever see a forum for fan art or gallaries of other art????
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prologue ended - chapter one begins. [March 24th 2004|16:03pm]

[ mood | determined ]

chapter one is opening today with a special treat for all you ub3r fans out there. ive created a kick ass piece for the chapter opener and i also turned it into a 1024 background for you guys. ull find it down below, and when i get more than just this background ill post them in the art section for you.
we've also got a harlo profile going up and an introduction for rob our website maintenance crew. also. rob's getting a profile soon. so here's the background and all. thanks!


well prior to popular belief... [March 21st 2004|04:14am]

[ mood | grateful ]

im actually getting shit done right now. its 4am yes, and yes ive been playing UT2004 all night... but still. ive got the comic coming in like an hour or less. ill try to do it in full color too. cause it is a closer for the first chapter. at some point i have to figure out why klein is practically nonexistant in comic creation at this point. oh right he's got some girl now :D she's a sweetie tho. and rob i think ive got a real job for u, but i need to talk to u about it cause its a bytch.
in other news. please get UT2004. its amazing. and its fun. check back for more ub3r updates as the week goes on, so long as i dont kill myself ....

*shoots self in head*



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[March 17th 2004|11:48am]

allizanda (11:47:02 AM): arent u in school young lady?
Sponge480 (11:47:08 AM): no, im home sick
allizanda (11:47:13 AM): blaH!!! thats not cool :-(
Sponge480 (11:47:19 AM): no it isnt
Sponge480 (11:47:27 AM): have you ever puked up strawberries?
Sponge480 (11:47:31 AM): its fairly unpleasant
allizanda (11:47:33 AM): ewwwwwww
allizanda (11:47:35 AM): thats even worse
Sponge480 (11:47:36 AM): :-D
allizanda (11:47:38 AM): lol
Sponge480 (11:47:42 AM): that was yesterday. im not so bad now.
allizanda (11:47:51 AM): dood thats so gross im making u post that right now on ub3r.

Up and Coming [March 15th 2004|15:24pm]

[ mood | determined ]

I for one am pleased that comicing will resume its quasi-regular schedule soon. I have seen some little previews for upcoming issues and i'm excited to see where the story is going. I dont know about the rest of you, seeing as how you NEVER POST! :)

And now, for your Robcraft update: Chainmail has recieved new life with the addition of a new ringmonkey, the hard working Nate Mattera. His volunteering to cut rings for me has greatly increased my ability to put out mail. I give him 50 feet of galvanized and the kid brings me a bag of rings the next day! It's awesome! On another note, I am looking for possible comissions to keep me on-task and to keep my technique improving. So if you have some sort of piece you'd like me to make, and a reasonable offer, send me an email at and we'll arrange something.

Another note, or rather query: When is the Volkmeister gonna get added to the posting community? something tells me he might actually post. Plus its only natural if he is going to do guest comics.

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V E R S I O N 3 . 0 ! ! [March 12th 2004|22:15pm]

[ mood | busy ]

hooray! here it is guys! the new ub3r's real functional look. flash sucks. someday ill get it down, but im a big html frames fan.
if u cant see these, uve got problems. download a browser that supports frames.
the competition is tomorrow and im using it as a big excuse to do work! so wish me luck!
everyone update now :P
comics due next thursday... no scanner up here and all :3

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Guests R Good [February 24th 2004|18:51pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Eri's guest comic looks fantastic. I look forward to more guest comics from Mr. Volk as well, as I've seen what he's capable of. I guess it'll be my turn sooner or later, so I should get something prepared.
Regular comic-ing would be nice too, maybe if certain MATT KLEINs would help out certain comic artists write story. Someone will take over if you aren't working on it, Mister. I can't lay all the blame on Klein, however. I'm pretty loose in holding up the posting so I will try to step it up. It'll be good! real good!


ub3rd4nk3 v 3.0 [February 22nd 2004|20:50pm]

[ mood | productive ]

yeah im getting really bored of this setup too. but this time im flashing the website. so expect some major updates soon. also the prologue to the comic is over and done with. now we can actually get into storyline. what ever happened to my writer? oh right. he's gone crazy. erichan also did me a guest comic real quick while she was down here on gamenight. thanks erichan! expect another volk comic within the days to come since planetside will be eating our existences alive. hahaha.
so why hasnt anyone but me been updating the ub3r blog? oh right. ur all lazy! :D
update dammit!

*alliek ...


planetside [February 17th 2004|02:35am]

[ mood | exhausted ]

thats right folks. rob n matt are playing planetside right now. yeah theyre being tools and enjoying it but who cares? eri's sleeping and im updating on a kick ass li'l ibook.
so the comics are still being updated as usual, maybe a little late but give me some credit. im writing them on my own at the moment cause klein is a tool and hasnt sent me his oh so promised updates...
but i will be playing planetside in a few days... more like after rob n eri leave. ... ill be an NC. and rob's going home with a copy of the game in his hands too. i also purchased halflife finally so harlo can have his cd keys back. yay!
the real world oasis is starting to get violently dramatic... for no real good reason. sunday tho ill be home and we'll sort things out. sorry matt but go to the studio :P
in speaking of which, expect another interruption comic from him soon. he seems to be enjoying this subcomic plotline he's generating on his own. eventually ull probably see an art gallery of his work up, cause he really is amazing. he will be soon a new background editor. which will be overly convenient. woot! so kleinxxor stop being so fyckin lazy!
rob n eri seem to be enjoying themselves. to quote rob "its friggin awesome man!" erichan's sleeping so i cant get a quote from her. but its late and we all need some sleep cause today was a stressful day. and i didnt even go to art history ... sucks to be me. tomorrow we're casting zeal and the ring rob carved for eri. we're both a little sketched out due to a debubbling incident that may have ruined both molds :( FYCK...
we'll find out ill update u on that tomorrow... if it came out alright. if there's no update it failed miserably and im spending the majority of my night cleaning it up...

gnight gnight.

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[February 9th 2004|16:14pm]

omg 5 days until philadelphia! im so excited! :-D!

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