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version 3.7

holy crap the site looks different. i figured a little art nouveau might ease up the mondrian-ness that is ub3rd4nk3. claire is starting to appear soon in written form. so instead of all those nice comics that sucked alot, im giving you a story that sucks even more. whatever. i need to get it down and out of my head before it starts to disintegrate right?
so here's ub3r. there's three new art pieces even though it only looks like two. the sad angel got updated majorly. the pictures really small so if u want a bigger one complain and ill arrange it. my summer metal work will not be showing itself off in the galleries unless it starts to pick up. tomorrow ill be working on that stuff extensively so dont bother me.
apartment hunting blows my ass. im really stressed out about it even tho i really dont look it. so another thing not to bring up i guess.
should be going home soon, which is nice cause i really really wanna start scanning those magic cards. yay! im takin the harddrive and the scanner with me on my flight up. goddamn car doesnt wanna drive... :( still havent fixed her leak. havent bothered. she's not worth the trouble. i even went out and bought a new 250W amp and its still rollin around in the back of the cab.
so here's the new ub3r. ill pay a little more attention to her if u guys pay a little more attention to her. miss ya all, tty later.

::passes out::
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Chere Allie,
J'adore le nouvel! Quelle belle web-site!
Oh-la-la, et je t'adore! ^_^
i am glad u like them my li'l french sweetie.
im playin chrono cross and the little court jester is french. ill think of u when she starts talking for u :3
luv u muchly