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commissions huh?

well then.. this is gonna be fun. im going to post pictures in a couple days of work ive done this semester. also i will have a sketch section for work im planning on making. the best of the bunch being my miniature polearm letter openers. theyll rock. if u want one tell me, im casting them which means easy for me and cheap for you.
also, ive been talked into playing a character at the knight realms larp. aritae will be making an appearance there. um... what else did i want to say tonight. OH comics will start being colored when i get up today i hope. idk how much matts going to let me get done considering the large amount of stuff on his plate, but thats the idea.

in other news. as soon as someone tells me when the lanparty during april vacation is ill buy my tickets home. please tell me!! i have vital information regarding that lan!

*falls over in exhaustion*

ps. i redyed the bleacher streaks in my hair, therefore making this icon accurate again!
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