fuck little brothers. [July 16th 2004|19:29pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

so i got tired of harlo being an ass and not hosting ub3r. if u havent noticed. the website is going to undergo another revamp and turn it into a store soon. as in the web address and all that jazz is going to change. that wont happen til december so im still here til then. added securities and firewalls are going up shortly so harlo doesnt get the bright idea to be an ass about this whole thing. and its nice to know that apache works so well. ive got debian linux and windows installed at this point. oh and the whole moving thing... the website might be down again AGAIN! for like... a week or two while i get everything set up at the new place. so wish me luck. *runs away*



version 3.7 [June 17th 2004|01:50am]

[ mood | apathetic ]

holy crap the site looks different. i figured a little art nouveau might ease up the mondrian-ness that is ub3rd4nk3. claire is starting to appear soon in written form. so instead of all those nice comics that sucked alot, im giving you a story that sucks even more. whatever. i need to get it down and out of my head before it starts to disintegrate right?
so here's ub3r. there's three new art pieces even though it only looks like two. the sad angel got updated majorly. the pictures really small so if u want a bigger one complain and ill arrange it. my summer metal work will not be showing itself off in the galleries unless it starts to pick up. tomorrow ill be working on that stuff extensively so dont bother me.
apartment hunting blows my ass. im really stressed out about it even tho i really dont look it. so another thing not to bring up i guess.
should be going home soon, which is nice cause i really really wanna start scanning those magic cards. yay! im takin the harddrive and the scanner with me on my flight up. goddamn car doesnt wanna drive... :( still havent fixed her leak. havent bothered. she's not worth the trouble. i even went out and bought a new 250W amp and its still rollin around in the back of the cab.
so here's the new ub3r. ill pay a little more attention to her if u guys pay a little more attention to her. miss ya all, tty later.

::passes out::

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Answers [May 18th 2004|22:40pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Ub3r's claire is dying... if any remnants are to remain itll be prolly textbased. i cant handle the workload at school on top of all the other shit i have to deal with AND webcomic anymore. specially if nobody cares. so ub3r will die shortly. sorry to disappoint... but its all i seem to do lately.

*the alliek

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Question [May 18th 2004|22:23pm]

Is claire dead? I know I havent had artistic input in forever, muchless talk to allie anymore really. But is it dead? We all wanna know...

[May 3rd 2004|10:04am]

[ mood | infuriated ]

i wanna officially apologize for the suckage lately. but honest, im really not home enough to update it. ive got finals this week and crits the week after... so if anyone wants me to fill a day or two with guestcomics spit em out. but no really. i do have a lot of sketches ready for comicing... i just want my monitor back. wah. well hopefully soon. we'll see.
anyways. the plot line is about to pick up. a lot more stuff will make sense once i get back into the shift of things. read the post i made awhile ago about my monitor :( its sad.
i cant tell u enough how upset i am about this... ill be bacK! this story is NOT dying here! :D

keep the ub3r support up!


whoozie whatzie [April 22nd 2004|15:20pm]

[ mood | rushed ]

plot questions...
who in blue hell is Bellepheron???
sorry to hear about your monitor...hopefully it will come back okay.
any chance of me comeing down to see you this summer????

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the apologies keep comin, but the excuses are better [April 22nd 2004|11:59am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

dood. u wont believe what happened to me yesterday. well i got home at like 1ish and i turned on my computers monitor and futzed around for a bit. then i decided to go put something else on. i came back to a screen of nothing but stripes and primary colors. so i turned the monitor off... to never turn it back on. ... so its on its way to california for a repair... i hope :( it better come back alright.
so thats why the comic isnt up. and it prolly wont be up for awhile. its a good one too :( ill try for soon but i cant promise anything.


sorry sorry dont hit me ! [April 19th 2004|10:46am]

[ mood | dorky ]

apologies to the ub3r community for not putting up a comic sunday. ill have one up today before 530.

thanks :) its been a long weekend


Vacation is here and all is well [April 17th 2004|18:56pm]

[ mood | energetic ]

It's warm. Harlan is hunting squirrels, Nate's stalking chipmunks, and im working. Yes, it must be vacation. The Latest LANfest is upcoming so im excited. But for now, sword practice, mail weaving, and lots and lots of counterstrike. You'd think i'd have something else to play, but it's just so damn addictive. Maybe I'll do something productive, like work on school projects. HAHA, good one.


wow [April 12th 2004|21:44pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

the color in the comics makes it so much more entertaining to read. thanks for listening!!!

i love your jewelry collection. i'm totally in love with the koeos ring and the belt buckle...even though it was the bain of your existance. the spoons are really cool. i love your detail work. very nice.
keep it up love...you're doing great


comicage for the reading impaired [April 11th 2004|01:05am]

[ mood | chipper ]

no im kidding. todays comic is pretty decent. if matt didnt steal my camera then id have more metal artwork for u. almost a semesters worth. ive got a couple more projekts due.. then im done. hooray!
also on the list ive got one of the two kristin comms done and craigs comm almost finished. the stone mountings are pretty decent for someone who hates mounting stones :D and corey's is coming along. prolly this week. meh.
i want my camera back soon so i can upload all those pictures. blargh! hurry back from KR matt! hurry!


im sorry im sorry!! [April 7th 2004|22:59pm]

[ mood | sore ]

i did the comic but the internet connection died this afternoon so i went shopping and i came back after working in the studio since shopping and was hungry and tired with a headache... so before i had a chance to try to upload again i went upstairs and ran back down and slammed my head into the stairwell... feels like dying...

so the comic sadly got shifted from my RAM list and was not uploaded... it will be up at 1120/1130 ish. more like noon. PROMSIE!


*falls unconscious*


[April 4th 2004|22:43pm]

got my license!
and a car!
shall be driving white mazda sx truck till the end of the week-ish...
then its on to bigger and better standard cars!
97 red subaru impreza, baby, here i come!

commissions huh? [April 4th 2004|05:04am]

[ mood | geeky ]

well then.. this is gonna be fun. im going to post pictures in a couple days of work ive done this semester. also i will have a sketch section for work im planning on making. the best of the bunch being my miniature polearm letter openers. theyll rock. if u want one tell me, im casting them which means easy for me and cheap for you.
also, ive been talked into playing a character at the knight realms larp. aritae will be making an appearance there. um... what else did i want to say tonight. OH comics will start being colored when i get up today i hope. idk how much matts going to let me get done considering the large amount of stuff on his plate, but thats the idea.

in other news. as soon as someone tells me when the lanparty during april vacation is ill buy my tickets home. please tell me!! i have vital information regarding that lan!

*falls over in exhaustion*

ps. i redyed the bleacher streaks in my hair, therefore making this icon accurate again!


Results [April 3rd 2004|22:33pm]

[ mood | drained ]

Oof. Seven hours of paintball will do a number on anyone. Worth every second, and every penny. Speaking of coins, I have a welt on my leg the size of a half-dollar. #$@!ing ouch. :)


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